Interest Rates

Toys R Us Credit Cardholders automatically can register in the “R” Us rewards program, which confers two points for every dollar spent on Toys’ R Us or R Babies’ by the card, and one point for every 4 Dollar card spent anywhere else. Applicants can also create and get the award tickets up to $ 200 or receive the same by email after receiving at least 125 points ($ 5 reward).

This credit card has a high APR purchase price, which only comes into effect if you have a monthly credit on the card. Let’s take the following example to have a clear idea about the interest rates:

Suppose you enroll this customer card and spend $ 500 for purchases. If you only make the minimum payment (3% or $ 25, whichever is greater), the Toys R Us Credit Card balance will take approximately 27 months to pay and you will pay $ 171.67 as interest. The $ 500 fortune ends up costing $ 671.67, which clearly negates any rewards he may earn.

The more a person charges, the higher the APR, and the higher the balance, the higher the final price. To compensate for the high APR, pay the payments using the Toys R Us Credit Card bill every month.

Consumers are entitled to get a free copy of their credit report from each agency once a year. By monitoring a credit report, the customers can spot errors or inaccuracies at an early stage. You can also keep your credit rating up to date to keep finances stable.

The registered members of the Toys R Us Credit Card can only use their Premium “R” Us dollars for purchases online or at Toys “R” Us or Baby “R” Us stores. It is necessary to know that you cannot use Dollars Rewards for gift cards, SquareTrade protection plans, wire transfers, etc.

Toys R Us Credit Card has been helping the customers to a great extent. This card has made financial management for the person simple and secure.